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A sociologist from Tinder and Bumble on what makes people attractive

Dr. Jess Carbino worked in the popular dating service Tinder. Now it works in a different service called Bumble. She constantly studies people who want to get acquainted and get in touch, and today she can tell that many of them do it completely wrong, starting with the publication of her photo. Tell you what affects the attractiveness of users of dating sites, from the point of view of scientists.


Did you pay attention to attractive models, whose photos are printed on the covers of magazines? They almost never smile. Instead, they show some grimace. They look sexy and attractive. It’s no wonder that many users of dating services try to look like models and show the same grimaces in photos.

Unfortunately, this does not work. Why? I would not want to offend anyone, but mostly the reason is that most of the users of dating services are not models. Sociologist Jess carbines carried out a study, and based on its results, it strongly recommends that instead of a photo with the face of a supermodel to publish a photo with your smile. The study suggests that the smile has a very significant impact on the attractiveness of the user of the service.

Jess Carbino states that the smile shows the users kind and open. This is exactly what other users of sites and dating services are looking for. Do not show yourself as cold and distant as a model. In addition, some studies show that a person with a smile is rated by people as more attractive. Two experiments conducted in Switzerland in 2014, show that the stronger the smile, the more attractive the face looks.

Curiously, another 2011 study, published in the journal Emotion, showed that some facial expressions are more attractive than others, and this depends on gender. For example, men seem more attractive, showing pride, and less attractive, showing happiness. With women, the opposite is true. But the bashful look increased the attractiveness of the representatives of both sexes.

And the last. Anthropologist and author of “Anatomy of Love” Helen Fisher agrees with Jess Carbino. She told colleagues from Business Insider the following:

“When you smile, those who see your smile, too, smile, albeit very briefly. Smiling, they use facial muscles that cause the release of neurochemicals in their brains associated with pleasure. They will probably feel happy in your company. “

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